Cape Cod Independent Power


The generators that we sell and install are fully automatic.

When the power goes out, the unit comes on and powers the electrical loads. Once utility power is restored the generator switches the loads back to the utility lines and shuts itself off, waiting for the next power outage. There is no gasoline to store, and the unit works whether you are at home or away.

As with any modern machine, a certain amount of maintenance is required to ensure that your generator works when you need it to. A power outage is not the time to find out that your generator does not work. Routine maintenance by a Kohler Certified service technician can ensure that the generator will respond as intended.

All of our Maintenance Agreements include two site visits per year, whether the unit is air cooled or liquid cooled.
Basic Maintenance Tasks for Kohler generators include:

  • Check oil level
  • Check coolant level (if applicable)
  • Check fuel gas delivery system for leaks and proper pressure
  • Check and clean air inlets and outlets
  • Check battery electrolyte level and specific gravity
  • Check battery cables and posts. Clean as necessary
  • Check unit for loose wiring connections. Correct as necessary
  • Check engine valve clearance. Adjust as necessary
  • Test engine and transfer switch safety operation
  • Simulated power outage. Run at full load
  • Change engine oil
  • Change oil filter
  • Replace air filter
  • Change spark plug(s)

Site Tech Field Software Kohler Dealers are held to the highest standards of technician certifications and professionalism. And Kohler is the only leading generator manufacturer with a comprehensive field troubleshooting and analysis software for the entire line of air-cooled and liquid-cooled generators. Site Tech is the proprietary software developed by Kohler for the exclusive use by Kohler Dealers. In addition to real-time performance and diagnostic reports, Site Tech can be used to update generator control firmware and to change specific engine parameters.

Thank you guys for visiting us & Wheeler Rd. neighbors (like the Murrays) today. Especially appreciate that as a bunch of us are trying to keep an eye out for them — they have kind of a lot going on. Perhaps it’s a sign we’re getting old too (or maybe it’s just that we live on a remote hilltop), but the Kohler is beginning to feel like our new “BFF" :) In any case, we told our son in St.Pete on the phone last night that it’s easily the best thing we’ve done for this place since we arrived here 23 years ago.

– Bob,